We are ahead in offering fluid management technology by focusing on customer needs for precision performance around the world with a portfolio of pump products, deep expertise in critical applications, strong infrastructural resources and a company-wide commitment to excellence. We are an renowned manufacturers and traders of the below mentioned products;
  • Axial Flow Pumps
  • Axial Flow Expeller Pumps

Our range of pumps and pump solutions find application in most demanding industries such as textile industries, chemical industries and pharmaceutical laboratories.
Fabricated_Axial Flow Pumps
Axial Flow Pumps
Horizondal_Axial Flow Pumps
Vane_Axial Flow Pumps

ModelSuction x DeliveryDiameteral AllowanceRadial Clearance
RAF 1255"x5"0.051 / 0.450.026 / 0.023
RAF 1506"x6"0.068 / 0.0480.034 / 0.024
RAF 2008"x8"0.060 / 0.0500.030 / 0.025
RAF 25010"x10"0.064 / 0.0540.032 / 0.027
RAF 30012"x12"0.067 / 0.0600.034 / 0.030
RAF 35014"x14"0.076 / 0.0660.038 / 0.033
RAF 40016"x16"0.080 / 0.0720.040 / 0.036
RAF 50020"x20"0.095 / 0.0800.048 / 0.036
RAF 60024"x24"0.111 / 0.0940.056 / 0.047
RAF 70028"x28"0.129 / 0.1070.065 / 0.054
RAF 75030"x30"0.131 / 0.1190.066 / 0.060
RAF 90036"x36"0.155 / 0.1300.078 / 0.065
ModelSuction x DeliveryMin Flow in m3/HrMax Flow in m3/HrType of CasingMin / Max RPM of Pump
RAF 1255"x5"50120Casting2000/3000
RAF 1506"x6"80250Casting1600/2900
RAF 2008"x8"260500Casting1200/2400
RAF 25010"x10"500800Casting/Fabricated980/1600
RAF 30012"x12"8001250Casting/Fabricated800/1450
RAF 35014"x14"10001600Fabricated690/1200
RAF 40016"x16"14002100Fabricated650/1050
RAF 50020"x20"18003200Fabricated600/900
RAF 60024"x24"30005000Fabricated570/800
RAF 70028"x28"36006500Fabricated500/720
RAF 75030"x30"40008000Fabricated400/600
RAF 90036"x36"600011000Fabricated300/500
Rage of Application Model RAF & RAFV Series 5", 6", 8', 10" 12", 14', 16", 18' and 20' up to 1 m.
Chemical : Forced evaporator & Crystallizer Circulation.
Paper : Black liquor concentration & Evaporator Circulation.
Petroleum : Polypropylene Reactor circulation Xylene Crystallizer.
Food : Cane, Mine, Sugar, Evaporator.
Municipal : Sewage Sludge, Circulation, sewage, disposal.
General : Raw Water pumping.
Range of Temperature : Up to 200" C
Range of System Pressure : Up to 10.5 Kg/cm2.
Range of Flow : Up to 11000 M3/Hr .
Heads : Up to 6 mtrs.
Design : Features:
Stuffing box chamber matches the elbow design of casing so that smooth flow with minium losses take place, the 'K' factor for calculating losses across the elbow does not exceed 0.1 to 0.3 Available in horizontal single elbow, vertical, vertical cantilever & special design as required.
Direction of flow reversible. The discharge flange can be suction for liquid in which case the impeller is reversed end for end, resulting in suction pressure at stuffing box.
Pumps can be furnished with either clockwise or counter clock wise direction rotation looking from motor end.
Heavy duty shafts are full cantilevered into pump elbows eliminating the need for internal bearings.
RAF Pumps are available with any of several different impeller designs. All are dynamically balanced & keyed to step-fit shafts for ease of removal & reassembly.
Pumps may be ordered for either top or end suction.
All RAF Pumps (horizontal) are back pull out construction eliminating the need to disturb the suction & delivery pipe lines up to 12".
Wear ring can be provided so that the area effected by impeller rotation at periphery due to tip cavitations, when pumping liquids at critical temperature.
Axial Thrust Bearings: Axial thrust to be absorbed by spherical roller or double row angular contact bearings.
Shaft Sealing: Packed stuffing box (Cooled or uncooled) Special design for sealing along rotating shaft, available
Materials : Cast steel, Chrome Nickle Molybdenum cast steel (Feriet as well as Austenitic) special Ni-resist cast irons also available.
FlangesAccording to ANSI B 16.5 rating 150 lbs & optional 300 Lbs.
Flanged Connections :  Never force piping to make a connection with a pump  Use only fasteners of the proper size and material.  Ensure there are no missing fasteners.  Beware of corroded or loose fasteners.
Operation : Do not operate below minimum rated flow or with discharge valves closed.
Do not open vent or draining valves, or remove plugs while system is pressuring.
The AF pump generates flow by the thrust or lift action of rotating axial vanes of the impeller. Axial flow pumps generate high flow rates and low head which are ideal for re-circulation, evaporator and generator cooling systems. The AF has an elbow that directs the flow through the suction and out the discharge end of the pump. It can be used in the top or end suction configuration depending on the customer's needs.
Casing : The Casing is cast with 150# flat face suction and discharge flanges, it comes with an opening in the rear for a back -pullout. The back-pullout consists the bearing housing, shaft and impeller. The Casing has cast feet for mounting to a sub-base or it can be mounted directly in the piping. In Fabricated Casing first remove Propeller and then power end assembly will come out.
Propeller : The Propeller is cast with (4/3) fixed vanes. It is machined with internal steps for easy assembly onto the shaft. It comes configured for 0 or + 5 degree, clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, and top or end suction. The Propeller is dynamically balanced (double plane) per ISO 1940 to a quality grade G-16.
Shaft : The Shaft is cantilevered into the pump elbow to eliminate the need for internal bearings. It is designed to have small deflections, high critical speeds and corrosion resistance. The shafts are stepped for easy assembly with the Propeller. The shaft comes with a replaceable sleeve when used with stuffing boxes.
Bearings :The inboard redial bearing absorbs shaft radial loads and aligns the pumps shaft. It is either a ball or spherical roller bearing depending on pump size. The outboard trust bearing absorbs impeller thrust loads and comes as either back-to-back angular contacts or a single taper roller bearing, depending on pump size. Lubrication is by flood oil or grease, depending on customer requirements.
Configurations and Drives :Most AF pumps are V-belt driven to allow for varying speeds. V-belts can be configured for side by side overhead, under-slung or vertical operation. The pumps can be configured with gear reducers and or jack shafts for direct connect operation.
Back-Pullout : The back-pullout is based on power ends listed previously. It consists of bearing housing bearings, stuffing box, bearing bracket, adaptor, shafts. Shaft sleeve (w/packing), Propeller, keys, shaft washer, and a front and back foot.
Stuffing Box / Sleeve : The cast stuffing box is used to close the rear of the elbow and provide a mounting surface for a mechanical seal or gland. The stuffing box is cast and is separate from the elbow. It comes with a replaceable wear sleeve. Included are 5 to 7 rings or packing and a lantern ring to seal the shaft area. Two flush ports provide packing lubrication. A gland is used for packing adjustment. The stuffing box can also be modified to accept a mechanical seal if required.
Axial Flow Pump
Product Code: RAF 125

Our range of RAF 125 series of pumps is available in elbow construction with back pullout design.
Flow Range: - 60 m3/hr to 100 m3/hr
Maximum Head: - Up to 5 meter

Axial Flow Pump
Product Code: RAF 150

Flow Range: - 100 m3/hr to 260 m3/hr
Maximum Head: - Up to 9 meter

Axial Flow Pump
Product Code: RAF 200

Flow Range: - 300 m3/hr to 460 m3/hr
Maximum Head: - Up to 9 meter

Axial Flow Pump
Product Code: RAF 250

Flow Range: - 450 m3/hr to 800 m3/hr
Maximum Head: - Up to 9 meter

Fabricated Axial Flow Pump
Product Code: RAF 300

Flow Range: - 850 m3/hr to 1300 m3/hr
Maximum Head: - Up to 9 meter

Crystaliser Axial Flow Pump

Product Code: RAFV 1200
These RAFV series of pumps are of compact Design with a suction, delivery being interchangiable as per site conditions, accordingly the leading / trailing tips are interchanged with the propeller.

Cross Section of Axial Flow Pump
Product Code: C/S

Horizontal Axial Flow Pump Elbow are designed for pressures and temperatures required to meet customers' specifications. We manufacture these pumps in all cast able materials including Cast iron, Carbon steel, abrasion and corrosion-resistant alloys, stainless steels, Duplex alloys, and special materials as required.

Our horizontal axial flow pump elbows are designed for uniform cross-sectional areas resulting in a normal velocity pattern. In critical reactor and crystallizer applications, the uniformly smooth flow allows better process control with minimal crystal degradation. This feature, combined with our low-shear propellers, improves process efficiency and output.
Double Mechanical Cartridge Seal Product Code: 15 We normally provide Double mechanical cartridge seal with Sic/ Sic inside & C/Tc outside. Mechanical Seals